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ICAN Help Children in Israel

The Need for I.C.A.N.

The Israel Children's Aid Network (I.C.A.N.) was created to help needy children in Israel who face many challenges such as hunger and malnutrition, housing, inadequate medical care, lack of educational opportunities and the need for services for disabled children and victims of child abuse and neglect.

​The I.C.A.N. Model

The I.C.A.N. model is designed around the 5E's:






EDUCATION: The process begins with educating the general public through the internet and social media about the overwhelming challenges faced by many children in Israel. Education occurs through powerful online videos where highly respected Israeli professionals speak about the situations they observe in their daily work with children who need help.​

EMPOWERMENT: Caring people want to be part of a solution. I.C.A.N. not only identifies problems but then empowers the viewer to be part of the solution by connecting them with an I.C.A.N. Award Professional in Israel who works directly with children in need. Donated funds can then be earmarked to the agency of the Award Professional who will use these funds to directly assist needy children and their families.

EFFICIENCY: The I.C.A.N. donor not only selects where the donated funds will go, but is assured that 100% of the donation will be used to help children. I.C.A.N. has a "working board" of experienced professionals with extensive experience in administering social services and charitable organizations. I.C.A.N. Board Members receive no compensation but instead are donors who also contribute their time and expertise to running the "day to day" I.C.A.N. organization. I.C.A.N. Award Professionals also receive no compensation but volunteer their time and knowledge to assure that your donated dollars reaches the neediest children in Israel.


E-VERIFY and EVALUATE: I.C.A.N. feels that people who make donations should know exactly how their funds have been utilized. When an I.C.A.N. Award Professional has received project funding, we ask that a video be shared that will report to donors exactly how the funds were utilized. That video will be posted on the I.C.A.N. website and can be used by donors and the I.C.A.N. Board of Directors to determine if future projects will be funded.  


Every child is precious. I.C.A.N. does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status in any of its activities or operations. Our interest is to help needy children in Israel regardless of religion or cultural background. We are happy to serve any child in need whether religious or secular. I.C.A.N. is not connected with any political party or movement.

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